Welcome to Financial Statistics & Risk Management (FSRM)

The Financial Statistics and Risk Management Program (FSRM) at Rutgers University offers a 30-credit Master’s degree in Statistics focused on the analysis and modeling of financial data and risk management. Students in this STEM-designated program receive core training in probability theory, statistical inference and advanced statistical and computational methods tailored to financial data analysis and modeling and risk management. They also receive supportive education in related financial concepts and market structure, operations, trading instruments and risk-related regulation.

Courses are taught by a faculty of experts in the mathematics of uncertainty and in statistical modeling and data analysis. Industry practitioners also contribute to instruction and training through workshops and seminars. Students benefit from a dynamic learning environment featuring internships, projects and case study assignments using real financial data, as well as attendance at practitioner seminars, industry events, career development workshops and mentorship opportunities. By bringing together a world-class faculty, Advisory Board and university located close to New York City, the FSRM program prepares students for a wide range of careers in the financial industry.

FSRM Ranked Among Top 25 Global Quant Finance Programs